『Tim Cook called the coronavirus a “challenge” for the iPhone maker during a pep talk for shareholders at the company’s annual meeting.』



Apple’s Tim Cook Calls Coronavirus a ‘Challenge’ at Shareholder Talk(Bloomberg)







The Apple CEO also addressed the coronavirus outbreak, reiterating that Apple’s “first priority is the health and safety of employees and partners and the communities we’re in.” From a business perspective, Cook said that it’s still a “fairly dynamic situation” and “a challenge” for Apple.

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地球から何も奪わずに作る それがアップルのサーキュラー・エコノミー



  As for Apple’s environmental efforts, Cook said that Apple’s ultimate goal is to “create an Apple product without taking anything from the earth.” Cook explained, “This is one of those things people say you can’t do; we’re going to find a way to do it.” (出所:9to5 Mac






【Our ambition: to make products without taking from the Earth. 】

 Creating a circular supply chain

Reaching our goal means focusing on three key aspects of our supply chain:
1) Source strategically and make efficiently: Use recycled and renewable materials while manufacturing products efficiently to minimize use of materials.
2) Use for a long time: Design products to be durable, so they can have long lives.

3) Contribute: Ensure materials go back into the market for Apple or others to use.  (出所:Apple Environmental Responsibility Report


(画像出所:Apple Environmental Responsibility Report